Monday, October 20, 2014

Early Childhood Program
Vision Statement and Philosophy


Vision Statement

It is the vision of the USD 232 early childhood program, in cooperation with families, to create enthusiasm for life long learning where every child can learn in a rich and playful educational environment.


Purpose - Early intervention provides basic foundations for a child's educational life experiences.  Our purpose is to promote a safe, nurturing, nonrestrictive educational environment while working collaboratively with staff, family and community.  Our program is designed to provide a positive experience to all children and their families, where their economic, cultural, and educational diversity is valued.

Main Function

Where children can develop necessary skills for life long learning in all areas (fine motor, cognition, gross motor, adaptive, social and communication)

•· Through developmentally appropriate activities

•· Natural settings

•· Peers

•· Through play

•· Supportive and positive partnerships between family, school and community

•· Individualized services

•· Support smooth transitions


Research has shown that early intervention decreases the amount and intensity of future services and increases success in school.


Our program serves children ages three to five who reside in USD 232 or children of USD 232 staff who are not kindergarten eligible.


The outcome of our program is to enhance confidence and competence of all children and their families through an inclusive setting that fosters successful development.