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Fourth Graders... click on one of the following links:


Trading Card

Mythology websites:

Greek Mythology for Kids

Greek Mythology Ancient Greece for Kids

National Geographic Kids Greek Mythology

Roman Mythology for Kids


Kids Health

  1. Nutrition Explorations for Kids
  2. Dole 5 a Day for Health
  3. Mission Nutrition   
  4. You Are the Historian
  5. Earthworks
  6. Biomes of the World     
  7. Prairies 
  8. Nelson-Atkins Museum
    Mrs. Cannon's Computer Lab...lots of cool stuff
  10. Scholastic's Mayflower Journey
  11. Giggle Poetry - poetry, poetry, poetry
  12. Bathroom Tiles...flips, rotations, slides , turns
    Typing Pal...keyboarding practice
    Know your computer parts
    Lots of great information
    Hows and Whys of Hurricanes
    KidStorm...lots of stuff about tornadoes, lightning, hurricanes and much more
    Habitats and biomes
    Great information about authors and links to their sites
  21. Map games - fun stuff to help you learn about maps
  22. Landforms - learning about different land shapes 
  23. Foss Web Landforms
  24. The Rock Cycle - learn how metamorphic, igneous and sedimentary rocks are formed
  25. Weather  and all that implies
  26. Wordle - fun word play
  27. Befunky - camera fun 
  28. The Mayflower Experience

Westward Expansion

  1. Oregon Trail  
  2. Pioneers  
  3. Information about the Oregon Trail  
  4. Oregon Trail Quest  



Geometry Activities
How Many Cents
Grid Math Game
Line Jumper
Jumping Math Cats

Odd One Out
One False Move
Order of Operations Practice
Operation Order Game
Power Football
Pattern Blocks
Order of Operations Sites

Counting Change
Coloring Book Math
Cuisenaire Rods
Coin Values

Rounding Off
Soccer Shootout
Step-By-Step Multiplication
Spacey Math
Shape, Space, & Measure
Sum Sense - Multiplication
Speed Grid Challenge

Mad Math Minutes
Math Baseball
Maths Game Show
Math Dictionary for Kids
** Math Mayhem
Math Flashcards
Math Gym Arcade
Math E-Lab
Math Mayhem
Magnetic Numbers
Math Maven's Mysteries
Measure It!
Measurement Activities
Money Games
Multiplication - 2-digit Numbers
Multiplication and Division
Multiplication Games .
Multiplication Rocks - Music
Math Fest
Manipulatives - Interactive
Math Games
Math Magician
Mega Maze
Math Playground
Moon Math - Multiplication
Math Movies
Math Practice
Math Activities - Grade 4
Math Playground
Numbers in Order
** Money Sites
Multiplication Game

Dare to be Square
Decimal Ladder
Division Facts
Explore the Multiplication Table
Farm Stand Math Game
Five in a Row
**4th Grade Math
Fresh Baked Fractions
Farm Math Game
Fraction Sites

AAA Math Fourth Grade
Animal Weigh In
Adding Three Digit Numbers
Batter's Up Baseball - Math Games
Base Ten Blocks
Bird's Eye View - Polygons
Base Ten Activity
Arithmetic Workshop
Addition Concentration
Addition Matching Game

Language Arts

Grammar Blast
4th Grade Language Arts
Magic Story Machine
Grammar Gorillas
2Bee or Nottoobee - verbs
Language Arts Games
Spelling Grade 4
Wacky Web Tales
Plural Play
Verb Power
Sentence Speedway
Charlotte's Web - Millionaire Game
Language Arts Activities
Word Order


Animals Growing Up
Airplane Parts
Adventures of Herman the Worm
A Walk in the Woods