Computer Technology - Maureen Baker


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The First Thanksgiving

Parts of the Computer  

Making a Trading Card

Grow a Plant Activity and Quiz
Build a Salad
Plant Parts We Eat
Parts of a Plant Interactive

The Great Plant Escape
Plant Explorer 
Brain Pop Jr. Plants  

 Hooda Math Games

 Math Activities

Holiday activities

Pilgrim Story

AAA Math First Grade
Adding 3 Numbers
Addition Facts to 20
Addition Memory Game
Addition Surprise
Bear Market
Count Us In
** Counting Money
First Grade Math
Find 1 More
Hoot's + or - Game
1st Grade Math
Math Games
Mend the 1-100 Square
Math Flashcards
Number Line
Math Circus
Math Practice
Math Playground + and -
Shape Sorter
Spacey Math
Teach R Kids Math
Snakes and Ladders
* Test Prep Practice
Tens and Ones Activity
Time Clock
Time Teller
What Time Is It?
Virtual Goose - Patterns
Telling Time Sites


 Working with Words

A.B. Cow
Alphabet Action
Alphabetizing Library
Animated Alphabet
ABC Mommy and Me

 My Alphabet Book

Clifford Interactive Story Book
1st Grade Language Arts
Chicken Stacker - Short a,e,i,o,u
Funbrain Vocabulary
"Hung Up On H" - movie
Language Arts Games
Learning Games
*** Learn to Read - Games,Books,Movies
Hungry Caterpillar
Mighty Books Library
*** Learn to Read At Starfall
Blends Wheel
CVC Words
OW - Snowman
Pounce on the Correct Word
Phonics Endings 1
Phonics Word Builder
Phonics Endings 2
* Reading Circle
Phonics Endings 3
Spelling - Missing Letters
Three Little Pigs
Spelling Grade 1
** Phonics and Spelling
Online Stories
The Book of Pooh  
Word Play
" When Two Vowels Go Walking" - movie
Word Hunt


More Reading Fun   

Animals Games
Between the Lions Songs
Bear Country Barn Theater - Videos
Charlie's Memory Game
Chick Hatchery Movie
Etch A Sketch
Farm Animals
Garden Shop
Nina's Community
** Stellar Speller
Little People Games
**Little Fingers Games
Online Sing Along Songs
Play Online
Whose Home Is It?
Send a Letter to Santa
Earth Life infomation on animals
Game things to do.
Mrs. Cannon's Computer Lab...lots of good information
Fire Safety Tips

More Fire Safety Tips
Willy the Watchdog...telling time
Burton's Room
Mouse practice
Make silly sentences and hear them read to you.
Great math practice sentence building practice