Computer Technology - Maureen Baker

5th Grade... click on the link

Artist Project: Symbaloo

EasyBib  online citation maker

Digital Passport

Fun Fact Frenzy


Hour of Code


Colonial America

  1. Colonial Williamsburg
  2. The Colonial Adventure
  3. Biographies of Revolutionary War

Who Dunnit ? 

Internet Scavenger Hunt  Women in History

The Electric Heart - virtual open heart surgery


Mission US
 Prefixes.suffixes and root words


Quia: Prefix
Play these four different games to practice using prefixes.

Quia: Roots and Prefixes
Site has three games that require you to match the root word to a prefix.

Spelling Rules
This page has definitions for prefixes and suffixes as well as examples.

Harcourt: Book Buddy
Try this fun game to test your knowledge of prefixes and suffixes. You can play by yourself or against a classmate.

Short Circuit
Match the prefixes and suffixes to their correct meanings

First Years
Lots of prefix and suffix games and activities


Native Americans chart

 Ecosystems and Biomes


Water Cycle

Understanding the Water Cycle  

Water Cycle and How it Forms  

The Water Cycle and Amazing Facts  

Water Cycle EPA  

The Water Cycle  

Printable worksheet of the Water Cycle  

Water Cycle Wordsearch  

Water Cycle Crossword


Weather...and all that Implies


Weather maps   

Weather Thinkquest

Weather Watch


 Wakanow Guide to Maps and Map Making

Plate Tectonics

Mountain Maker Earth Shaker

Understanding Latitude and Longitude    
Longitude Game
Online Latitude and Longitude Quiz

  Citation Maker  



Economics Links  

Moneyville   play Get Real


AAA Math Sixth Grade
Base Ten Activity
Batter's Up Baseball - Math Games
** Addition Concentration
Arithmetic Workshop
Bathroom Tiles Degrees
Animal Weigh In
Coloring Book Math
Create a Graph
Dare to be Square
Coin Values
Division Facts
Division Matho
Decimal Ladder
Explore the Multiplication Table
Farm Stand Math Game
Fresh Baked Fractions
Five in a Row
5th Grade Math
* 5th Grade Math
** Fraction Sites
Fraction Workshop
Geometry Activities
Guess the Number
Grid Math Game
Math Cats
Geometry Games
Interactive Tangram
Line Jumper
Geometry Workshop
Math Baseball
Math Flashcards
Math Mayhem
Mad Math Minutes
Maths Game Show
Math Dictionary for Kids
Math Gym Arcade
Math Maven's Mysteries
Math E-Lab
Mathematics Crossword
Mega Shapes
Measure It!
Measurement Activities
Money Games
Multiplication and Division
Multiplication Games
Mystery Picture - Fractions
MultiFlyer - Multiplication
Multiplication Game
Multiplication - 2-digit Numbers
Multiplication Rocks - Music
Manipulatives - Interactive
Math Journey - Problem Solving
Math Fest
Math Games
Math Magician
Math Dictionary for Kids
Math Playground
Moon Math - Multiplication
** Math Mayhem
Math Movies
Math Story Movies
Math Practice
Math Playground
Numbers in Order
** Money Sites
Muliplication Mystery
Number Maths
Negative Numbers
Number Activities
Odd One Out
Operations Order Game
Order of Operations Activity
Order of Operations
Order of Operations Practice
Polygon Playground
Pattern Blocks
Prime and Composite Numbers
Power Football
Order of Operations Sites
Order of Operations Game
Rounding Off
Shape Surveyor Geometry Game
Shape, Space, & Measure
Spacey Math
Soccer Shootout
Tangram Games
Step-By-Step Multiplication
Tic Tac Toe
Test Prep Practice
Teach R Kids Math
24 Game
Who Wants to Be a Mathonaire?
Speed Grid Challenge
Telling Time Sites



Working With Words
Go Grammar
Spell It
Read It


Grammar Blast
Sentence Sort
Charlotte's Web - Millionaire Game
Subject-Verb Mixup
Wacky Web Tales
Spelling Grade 5



Adventures of Amelia the Pigeon

Animals Growing Up
Airplane Parts
Adventures of Herman the Worm
A Walk in the Woods
Animal Activities
Barney's White House ABCs
Build Your Own Caterpillar
City Creator
Creating Music
Create a Light Show
Cyberchase: Game Central
Dinosaur Directory
Dinosaur Dig
Educational Web Adventures
Electricity Activities
Force Activities
Earth Activities
Ellis Island Tour
GeoNet Game
Geography Quiz
Great Corn Adventure
Going Bug-gy!
Hershey Factory Tour
Interactive Fun Puzzles
Interactive Weather Maker
** Kids Astronomy
Lego Factory
Maggie's Game Zone
Music and Art Activities
Map Games
Map Activities
NASA Space Place
Magnet Sites
Online Crossword Puzzles
Place the States
Play Music
Puzzle Maps
Plants Activity
Science Lab
State Web Games
Science Vocabulary Hangman
** States and Capital Games
Science/Social Studies Games
Simon Says
Science Games
Space Place -Things to Do
Science Clips
Solar System - Animated
Simple Machine Activities
Simple Machines Concentration Game
Space - Online Activities
Smog City
360 Degree White House Tour
Space Place
Science - Animals
Science - Space
Simple Machines Games
Sound Activities
Space Activities
Science Quizzes
USA States and Capitals
Volcano Lab
US History - Colonial Challenge!
Where Is That?
Weather Activities
Weather Dog
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire - Science
Windows to the Universe
Zoom Dinosaurs
PBS Nature Online Videos
Tornado Online Videos
Animal Houses
BrainPop Science Movies
Antarctica Online Videos
Jungle Walk
Dole 5 a Day
Matter - Movie and Quiz
NASA Toons
Wright Brothers Take Flight
How Everyday Things Are Made
Ocean Clips
The Best of Hubble
Electric Circuits
Roller Coaster Simulator
How Things Are Made
45 Moments in NASA History
Science Video Updates
A Walk in the Woods
Plant Song
NASA Space Place
Apollo 11 - Landing on the Moon
Tom Glazer Sings Space Songs
Solar System Experience
Singing Science Records
Meteor Showers
Earth's Seasons
Launching the Space Shuttle
Mrs. Cannon's Computer Lab...lots to do


Word Tutorials
PowerPoint tutorial and tips


More websites to visit:
Index of Word topics to help produce documents

  1. Rounding numbers
  2. Plotting coordinates on a grid
    Know your computer parts
    Scholastic's Main Web Page
    Online jigsaw puzzles
    Hurricanes and how they work
    KidStorm...lots of stuff about tornadoes, lightening, hurricanes and much more
    Great information about authors and links to their websites
    Great games for study the beginnings of American history 

Additional Resources:
Women in History

Time for Kids
Scholastic Resources
Education World
Teacher Vision
History Channel
Women's History Month
Kids' Zone
Women's Suffrage
CyberHunt Kids

Women's History Month from Fact Monster
Children's Encyclopedia of Women