Saturday, August 23rd, 2014

Welcome to the
Counseling Department
at Mill Valley High School

The class of 2014 earned more than 6.6 million in scholarship dollars! 

To see what opportunities you might take advantage of, be sure to check out this month's Senior Newsletter available under the "Senior" link. 

Need a transcript?  Contact Mrs. Deana Thom, registrar, with your request: Please be sure to include the location (city/state) of the school to which you are applying.

Schedule Changes

All students have the opportunity to select their own courses, and as much as possible these requests have been honored.  Should a student and parent/guardian decide to request a change, this form must be submitted with a parent/guardian signature.  A student must have a legitimate reason for making a change.  School Counselors and Administration reserve the right to deny or approve any schedule change request.  Changing a student’s schedule to accommodate a specific teacher is not permitted.

Schedule changes may be made for the following reasons:

  1. The student needs to enroll in a required class.

  2. The student is enrolled in a class for which he/she has already received credit.

  3. The student has not met the prerequisites for the class.

  4. The student has an incomplete schedule.

  5. A teacher recommends the student advance to a higher level course or that the student moves out of the course due to failure of 1st semester

Requests can be submitted to the Counseling Office before 7:50 a.m.  Completed forms will be accepted August 19th through August 22nd.