Kansas Horizon Award

Nominations for 2025 are now open!

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  • What is the Kansas Horizon Award?

    The Kansas Horizon Award program, sponsored by the Kansas State Department of Education, identifies and recognizes representatives of excellent teaching in the elementary and secondary classrooms of the state. The mission of the Kansas Horizon Award program is to recognize exemplary first-year teachers who perform in a way that distinguishes them as outstanding.

    General Qualifications

    Novice teachers who have successfully completed their first year of teaching are eligible to be recognized. Applications will be submitted in October of their second year of teaching, and recognition will occur in February of their second year.

    The criteria for this award are:

    • Nominee will have successfully completed his or her first year of teaching in a prekindergarten through grade 12 Kansas school accredited by the State Board of Education.
    • Nominee will be a full-time classroom teacher.
    • Nominee will be responsible for the assessment of students, assignment of grades, preparation of lesson plans, parent-teacher conferences, discipline, attendance, and other daily educational tasks.
    • Nominee will have performed in a way that distinguishes him or her from other novice teachers.

    Selection Process

    The Kansas Horizon Award program is a regional competition. The regions correspond to the state's four U.S. congressional districts. The Kansas State Department of Education will appoint regional selection committees responsible for reviewing the nomination forms and selecting four elementary classroom teachers and four secondary classroom teachers per region for a total of 32 teachers.