West Car Loop Arrival:  K-2 Oldest and Only

    Grades Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grade who have Only children and Oldest siblings with younger siblings in grades Kinder or 1st  (“Oldest and Only”) students will use the WEST Car Loop (the side of the building with the playground and large blue Riverview banner).  This loop will also have busses coming through, so please do NOT pass cars or busses in this car loop.  All cars need to stay in a single-file line.  Adults will direct traffic to help get busses through efficiently.  5th grade Honor Patrol students or staff will assist at each cone for the West Car Loop young students.  All students MUST exit out of the passenger side of the vehicle. 

    East Car Loop Arrival:  Grades 3-5 Oldest and Only

    Grades 3, 4, and 5 who have Only children and Oldest siblings with younger siblings (“Oldest and Only”) in grades K-4 will use the EAST Car Loop (the side by the cafeteria).  This car loop will not be staffed by Honor Patrol.  Students in grades 3-5 are expected to be able to independently get out of the car without assistance, and they can help any younger siblings do so as well.  All students MUST exit out of the passenger side of the vehicle.  An adult will be supervising this car loop by the front crosswalk. 

    Morning arrival time is always 8:30-8:45 am. 

    • Students should not be dropped off or let out of parent vehicles, until 8:30 am when adult staff members will be outside on duty.  If you know you consistently need to drop your child off by 8:15 am, please look into carpooling or JCPRD, which allows drop off at the cafeteria door starting at 7:00 am.  If your child walks/rides a bike and consistently shows up on campus before 8:30 am, you will be contacted to work out better timing for when they leave the house.
    • ALL Walkers, bike riders, and parents, should enter and exit the campus by using the crossing guard location on 47th Street.
    • Daily car loop or walker student drop off may begin at 8:30 a.m. (Exception: Students eating breakfast at school may enter through the cafeteria at 8:25 a.m.).   Students must be in their seats ready to go at 8:45 when the school day begins. Please be certain to have students at school regularly and ON TIME to avoid issues with truancy.  Truancy concerns will be filed with the Division of Family Services and/or Johnson County District Attorney. The compulsory attendance law states that students enrolled in school must be in school.
    • There are times (especially at the start of the school year) when the car loop may run slower than normal, and extend a bit beyond 8:45 am.  We fully expect that car loop may take a little longer than expected at the start of the year or when there is inclement weather, and as long as someone is opening doors, you don’t need to worry that your child is tardy.  
    • If, on the other hand, if you pull up and there are no adults on supervision, you will need to park your car and walk your child in to sign them into school. 
    • The cafeteria will be open for students who want to purchase a school breakfast (8:25-8:45am); please enter through the cafeteria doors 8:25-8:30 am.
    • Per district policy, pets are not allowed on school property without prior administrative approval.
    *School Breakfast is served 8:25-8:45 am.  Students may enter the building at 8:25 am through the office for school breakfast.



    Busses use the West Loop

    Car Riders:

    • K-2 Only Child or Oldest + Younger K- 1 Siblings use the Back Loop
    • 3-5 Only Child + Younger Siblings K-4 use the East Front Loop


    • 3-5 Students may walk/ride their bike home independently or with their younger K-2 siblings once they pick them up inside the school building.
    • K-2 Only Child or Oldest + Younger siblings will be walked out to the flag pole by a staff member.  Adults must pick K-2 walkers up at the flag pole unless an older 3-5 sibling walks them home.

    Bike/scooter riders should cross where there are crossing guards to enter school property. 

    Ÿ Helmets MUST be worn to/from school.

    Ÿ Students need to walk their bikes/scooters until they are off school property.

    Ÿ K-2 bike riders must be accompanied by older sibling or adult.

    **Going Home Changes must be reported to the front office by 3:00pm daily by calling 913-441-0808 or reporting via the school website.  Parents may not request going-home changes for any other students.




    • One door in the cafeteria will be available for drop-off and pick-up, and will be staffed by a JCPRD worker at all times.
    • Parents may not leave the cafeteria and move through the building during drop-off or pick-up. Please do not ask JCPRD staff to be let into the building to retrieve lost/forgotten items after school hours.
    • JCPRD staff must wear visible ID at all times

    Transportation Changes

    • Parents must notify the office by 3:00 pm with any going-home changes for their child by calling 913-441-0808 or reporting via the school website. They may not request going-home changes for any other students.
    • If a child wants to ride home with a friend on the bus, parents must notify the office at least one day ahead of time.