Emergency Management


      • Student safety is our priority, and we work with diligence and fidelity to improve procedure and hold ourselves to the highest standards. Thank you for your continued support as we work to provide a secure environment for our students.

        Tornado drills will be held at least three times a year, intruder drills will be held at least twice per year, and fire drills are held each month. Teachers talk with students, in an age-appropriate manner, about procedures and purpose at the beginning of the year and prior to the drill.

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        Receive emergency information, school closings, early dismissals and administrative reminders on your mobile device. This text and email service is free, but check with your mobile provider as text messaging and data rates may apply.

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      School Closings


        Whenever the superintendent of schools believes it is unsafe for students and employees to endure inclement weather conditions, schools will be closed. The decision is based on whether it is safe for students and employees to travel on the streets or to safely negotiate school driveways and parking lots. In case of severe weather, snow, ice, etc., the official announcement for school closings will be made over local television stations. Listen to those stations or get up-to-the-minute school closing information online at www.usd232.org. Parents may also sign up online for free* text message alerts by going to the district website. *Text/Data rates may apply. Check with your service provider.

        In the event of early dismissal, school busses will run normal routes. Parents who have special instructions regarding their student(s) in case of early dismissal should inform the office at enrollment. 12 All school activities will be canceled for the day unless students and parents are notified otherwise. If inclement weather continues the following day, patrons will be notified accordingly. Otherwise, you may assume classes will be in session the following day.

        In all such cases, the final decision about whether a student may safely attend school rests with the parent who may keep them at home or come to school and pick them up if they so desire.

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