Professional Development and Relicensure

      Professional Development Facts

      • Professional Development Facts:

        Research shows that teacher effectiveness is the single most important school-based factor in student success. Students who have highly effective teachers for three years in a row will score 50 percentile points higher on achievement tests than students who have less effective teachers. A research synthesis breaks down teacher effectiveness into five points:

        • Effective teachers have high expectations for all students.
        • Effective teachers contribute to positive academic, attitudinal, and social outcomes for students such as regular attendance, self-efficacy, and cooperative behavior.
        • Effective teachers use diverse resources to plan and structure engaging learning opportunities.
        • Effective teachers contribute to the development of classrooms and schools that value diversity and civic mindedness.
        • Effective teachers collaborate with other teachers, administrators, parents, and education professionals to ensure students' success.

              ~ Laura Varlas, ASCD Info Brief

      Professional Development Committee

      • Professional Development Committee (PDC):

        In accordance to state regulations, USD #232 has a district Professional Development Committee comprised of representatives from each school and administration.  This group works to establish our professional development point system, conduct a yearly needs assessment and provide leadership in the area of professional learning.  Members include:

        • Ceresa Schaffer, District PDC Representative
        • Emily Stiles, Belmont Elementary
        • Allison Nelson, Clear Creek Elementary School
        • Nancy Perry, De Soto High School
        • Christy Hale, Horizon Elementary
        • Renee Graham, Lexington Trails Middle School
        • Stacia Walters, Mill Creek Middle School
        • Laurie Deuschle, Mill Valley High School
        • Colby Sullivan, Mize Elementary School
        • Erin Oliver, Monticello Trails Middle School
        • Cristi Smith, Prairie Ridge Elementary School
        • Traci Seyb, Riverview Elementary School
        • Lana DeHoff, Starside Elementary School

      Community Relicensure

      • Community Relicensure

        Community members who are currently not employed by a Kansas School District work with their local school districts during the relicensure process.  If you reside within USD 232, the steps to begin the relicensure process are outlined below.  If you are not a resident of the USD 232, please contact your local school district for their procedures.

        Steps to begin the relicensure process:

        Register with USD 232 using the Community Reliance Registration Form.

        Review the Community Relicensure Handbook

        You will be contacted with further information and directions within five business days.

        If you have any questions regarding the USD 232 process, you may contact Learning Services at 913-667-6200. If you have questions regarding the specific requirements for relicensure, please contact KSDE's Teacher Education and Licensure Department directly at 785-291-3678.

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