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  • Professional Development Facts:

    Research shows that teacher effectiveness is the single most important school-based factor in student success. Students who have highly effective teachers for three years in a row will score 50 percentile points higher on achievement tests than students who have less effective teachers. A research synthesis breaks down teacher effectiveness into five points:

    • Effective teachers have high expectations for all students.
    • Effective teachers contribute to positive academic, attitudinal, and social outcomes for students such as regular attendance, self-efficacy, and cooperative behavior.
    • Effective teachers use diverse resources to plan and structure engaging learning opportunities.
    • Effective teachers contribute to the development of classrooms and schools that value diversity and civic mindedness.
    • Effective teachers collaborate with other teachers, administrators, parents, and education professionals to ensure students' success.

          ~ Laura Varlas, ASCD Info Brief

Professional Development and Relicensure

  • Professional Development Committee (PDC):

    In accordance to state regulations, USD #232 has a district Professional Development Committee comprised of representatives from each school and administration.  This group works to establish our professional development point system, conduct a yearly needs assessment and provide leadership in the area of professional learning.  Members include:

    • Ceresa Schaffer, District PDC Representative
    • Emily Stiles, Belmont Elementary
    • Allison Nelson, Clear Creek Elementary School
    • Nancy Perry, De Soto High School
    • Christy Hale, Horizon Elementary
    • Renee Graham, Lexington Trails Middle School
    • Stacia Walters, Mill Creek Middle School
    • Laurie Deuschle, Mill Valley High School
    • Colby Sullivan, Mize Elementary School
    • Erin Oliver, Monticello Trails Middle School
    • Cristi Smith, Prairie Ridge Elementary School
    • Traci Seyb, Riverview Elementary School
    • Lana DeHoff, Starside Elementary School