Kansas Open Records Act

  • Thank you for your interest in the Kansas Open Records Act.  The law is designed to ensure public access to information which forms the basis for public decision-making. The act defines a public record as "any recorded information, regardless of form or characteristics, which is made, maintained, kept by or in the possession" of the school district.

    Some records which would otherwise be public records are specifically excluded from the definition of public records. Learn more about the Kansas Open Records Act by visiting the Kansas Attorney General's website.

    Your responsibilities 

    You must request records - written, photographic, or computerized. The Kansas Open Records Act does not require an agency to answer questions, prepare reports, or compile information. An agency may require you to put your request in writing, and you must provide proof of your identity, if requested. Reasonable fees, not exceeding actual cost, may be charged for access to records, copies of records, and staff time for processing your request.

    Your rights

    You have the right to request assistance from the agency's Freedom of Information Officer at any time. You have the right: 

    • To file a complaint with the Kansas Attorney General if you feel your request for public records is wrongfully denied.
    • To inspect and obtain copies of public records which are not exempted from disclosure by a specific law.
    • To obtain a copy of the agency's policies and procedures for access to records.
    • To receive a written response to your request within three business days. The response may inform you that it will take additional time to produce the records.

    How to Make an Open Records Request to the School District

    Requests can be made in four ways:

    • In Person:  Provide a written request to the USD 232 Administrative Offices at 35200 West 91st Street, De Soto, KS. Your request may be left at the front reception desk.
    • By Mail: Send a written request to: Unified School District #232, Open Records Request, 35200 West 91st Street, De Soto, KS  66018.
    • By Fax: Send a written request via fax to 913-667-6201.
    • By E-mail: Open Records Request

    Note: The school district may require proof of identity from the person making the request. See K.S.A. 45-220.

    May the school district charge a fee to provide access to or copies of public records?

    Yes. The law allows fees to be charged in connection with providing access to, or copies of, public records. By policy, fees must be paid in advance. The current fee schedule for open records requests adopted by the Board of Education is:

    • $0.20 per paper copy
    • $35 per computer run
    • $20 per hour for administrative time
    • $10 per hour for secretarial time 

    Procedures for Requesting Public Records

    The principal office of Unified School District No. 232, Johnson County, Kansas, is located at 35200 West 91st Street, De Soto, KS. The records of the school district are available for inspection or copying by members of the public at the central office during regular office hours: 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., generally from Monday through Friday.

    A request for access to a public record should be directed to the custodian of the record. The following is a list of types of records and their custodians in our district.

    Type of Record



     Student Records

     The Building Principal

     School where your child is in  attendance

     Board Minutes/Agendas

     Clerk of the Board of Education 

     Central Office

     All other records

     Freedom of Information Officer

     Central Office

    The district will ask you to make the request in writing. Your request should include your name, your address, and a description of the record to which you are seeking access.

    If the record you seek falls within an exception, the custodian may ask you to certify, in writing, why you believe you have a right to access the record. The custodian may also ask for certification that you will not use or sell the information for sales or solicitation purposes.

    Upon receiving your request, the custodian of the record will retrieve the requested record and provide the record for your inspection as soon as possible. If the custodian cannot provide you the record immediately, the custodian will inform you in writing of the time and place at which the record will first be made available to you.

    You cannot remove the record from the building. The custodian will show you to a place where you may view the record. If you desire a copy of the record, please inform the custodian and she/he will arrange for copying. A fee of $0.20 per page applies and must be paid prior to copying.

    Top 5 Tips for a Successful Open Records Request

    1. Your request must be in writing.
    2. Your request should be for documents or other records that are already in existence. Agencies, such as the school district, are not required to answer questions, perform legal research, prepare reports, or compile information.
    3. We recommend that all requests be addressed to the official custodian of records.
    4. Please be as specific as possible when requesting access to open records.
    5. If you believe the school district has not responded as required by the Kansas Open Records Act, we recommend that you contact the office of the Kansas Attorney General, or your local District Attorney.

    Frequently Asked Questions regarding the Kansas Open Records Act

    Visit the Kansas Attorney General website.