Emergency Safety Interventions

  • Local Dispute Resolution Process

    The USD 232 Board of Education encourages parents to attempt to resolve issues relating to the use of an Emergency Safety Intervention (ESI) informally with the building principal and/or the superintendent before filing a formal complaint with the board. In the event that the complaint is resolved informally, the building principal must provide a written report of the informal resolution to the superintendent and the parents and retain a copy of the report at the school. The superintendent will share the information resolution with the board of education and provide a copy to the Kansas State Board of Education.

    If the issue cannot be resolved informally with the building principal and/or the superintendent, the parents may submit a formal written complaint to the board of education by providing a copy of the complaint to the superintendent. Upon request this form can be provided to you by the building principal.

    Upon receipt of the formal written complaint, the board president shall assign an investigator to review the complaint and report findings to the board as a whole. Such investigator may be a board member, a school administrator selected by the board, or a board attorney. Such investigator shall be informed of the obligation to maintain confidentiality of student records and shall report the findings and recommended action to the board in executive session.

    Any such investigation must be completed within thirty (30) days of receipt of the formal written complaint by the board clerk and superintendent. On or before the 30th day after receipt of the written complaint, the board shall adopt a report containing written findings of the fact and, if necessary, appropriate corrective action. A copy of the report adopted by the board shall be provided to the parents, the school, and the Kansas State Board of Education.