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  • All meals are FREE for the 2021-2022 school year!

List of school lunch prices
List of school breakfast prices
  • Please note the free meals will only be provided as a complete meal per federal program guidelines. All extra items, including milk and/or juice to accompany a lunch brought from home or ala carte items at the middle and high school, are not included in this program. Students must have sufficient funds available in their food service accounts in order to purchase extra items.

  • Student Lunch Accounts

    Upon enrollment with the district, a personal lunch account is generated for each student. Funds may be deposited into your student's account which is only accessible by a PIN (or keypad) number assigned specifically to him or her. This account works like a debit account and funds should be available before your student may purchase a lunch or other a la carte item.

    Parents may view the current school year's purchase history and balance of the student's account on Skyward Family Access.

    Lunch Account Payment Methods

    Parents or guardians may deposit funds into their student's account through the following methods:

    • Personal check or cash sent in with student to the school. Make all personal checks out to 
      "Your Student's School Building - Student Nutrition" (example: Horizon Elementary - Student Nutrition). Please list your child's full name in the memo line.
    • e~Funds online payment with credit card or bank account. Through Skyward Family Access or the link below, you may submit an online payment. Once a payment is accepted through e~Funds, it is posted to your student's account in real time. To ensure funds are available in your student's account, we recommend that all online payments be submitted at least 24 hours before funds are needed.

     button link to make online payments

    If paying by personal check or cash, you may combine payments for siblings in the same building. Separate checks are necessary for students in different buildings due to accounting systems.

    • Example 1: Two brothers at Riverview may submit one check to the cafeteria. Be sure to indicate the amount requested for each student's account in the memo line.
    • Example 2: Two sisters with one at Starside Elementary, one at Lexington Trails Middle School. Two separate checks must be sent to the schools - one with each student - for payment on each lunch account.

    Students may not use other student's accounts (including siblings' accounts) to pay for meals or a la carte purchases. If you would like to request a transfer from one sibling's account to another, please contact the lead cashier in your student's building. Visit our Contact Us page for ways to contact individual school cashiers.


    Returned Checks / Payments

    Our banking partners will typically submit a check at least two times for payment. In the event a personal check is returned for insufficient funds, the amount of the check will be deducted from your student's lunch account. The Student Nutrition office will also contact the parent or guardian via email and/or letter. 

    In the event that an e~Funds payment is returned for insufficient funds or other transaction errors, funds will deducted from your student's lunch account effective on the original date of payment. The Student Nutrition office will also contact the parent or guardian via email and/or letter.

    In either case, prompt payment to replace any necessary funds is expected at the time of notification.

    USD 232 Student Nutrition Charging Policy

    The district’s meal charging requirements are as follows. A charge account for students paying full or reduced price for meals may be established with the district. Students may charge no more than five meals to this account. Charging of a la carte or extra items to this account will not be permitted. Adults will not be allowed to charge meals or a la carte items.

    Any student failing to keep his/her account solvent as required by the district shall not be allowed to charge further meals until the negative account balance has been paid in full. However, such students will be allowed to purchase a meal if the student pays for the meal when it is received.

    Students will not be allowed to purchase a la carte items with a negative meal account balance. Students who have charged the maximum allowance to this account and cannot pay out of pocket for a meal will be provided an alternate meal consisting of a whole wheat American cheese sandwich with low-fat white milk.

    In the instance a student receives an alternate meal for three consecutive days or has a habitual negative account balance, the supervisor will work with building administration to determine if the family may be in need of additional assistance such as payment plans, free and/or reduced meals application, or other resources.

    At least one written warning shall be provided to a student and his/her parent or guardian prior to denying meals for exceeding the district’s charge limit. If payment of the negative balance is not received by the time a student leaves USD 232 (i.e., graduation, transfer out of district), the debt shall be considered bad debt for the purposes of federal law concerning unpaid meal charges.

    Payments for school meals may be made at the school or district office or online. Students, parents, and guardians of students are encouraged to prepay meal costs.

    The district will provide a copy of this unpaid meal charges policy to all households at or before the start of school each year and to families and students that transfer into the district at the time of transfer. The terms of this policy will also be communicated to all district staff responsible for enforcing any aspect of the policy. Records of how and when it is communicated to households and staff will be retained.

    A la Carte Pricing (middle & high schools only) 

    A complete listing of ala carte pricing and items can be found by clicking the links below. We highly encourage parents to discuss personal spending limits and permissible items with their students prior to allowing purchases. Please note that students with zero or negative account balances will not be permitted to charge ala carte items. Funds must be available in a student's account or payment submitted by cash to purchase these items. Please see the Charging Policy above for additional details.