Free / Reduced Meals Application

  • Previously Free & Reduced Meal Program

    The school district is pleased to announce that our healthy school meals will be FREE for all students during the 2021-22 school year. We are able to offer this benefit to students because of the federal government’s seamless summer meals program.

    IMPORTANT: Have your Free/Reduced Price Meals Status Applied to School Fees

    Since all children will be able to eat for free during the 2021-22 school year, Free/Reduced Price Meal Applications will NOT be collected. However, families who would normally qualify for free or reduced price meals may seek to have this status applied to certain school fees for the new school year. Additionally, the school district could receive state and federal benefits and funding for families who qualify.

    If you believe your family income is within eligible limits, please complete the Household Economic Survey online via Skyward Family Access. >>

    Only one survey per household needs to be completed and is voluntary. Please click here for instructions on how to complete the survey through Skyward.

    If you prefer, you can download a paper copy of the Household Economic Survey application and return by mail or return it in person at your child’s school. (A paper copy will also be availabe at for pick-up at your child's school.) If you decide to send your documents by mail, please mail the survey to USD 232 Student Nutrition, 35200 W 91st St, De Soto KS 66018, 913-667-6200.

     Income Eligibility Guidelines SY 21-22

    *Please note the free meals will only be provided as a complete meal per federal program guidelines. All extra items, including milk to accompany a lunch brought from home or ala carte items at the middle and high school, are not included in this program. Students must have sufficient funds available in their food service accounts in order to purchase extra items.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • DO I NEED TO FILL OUT A SURVEY FOR EACH CHILD? No. Use one Household Economic Survey for all students in your household. We cannot approve an application that is not complete, so be sure to fill out all required information.
    • SHOULD I FILL OUT AN APPLICATION IF I RECEIVED A LETTER THIS SCHOOL YEAR SAYING MY CHILDREN HAVE BEEN DIRECTLY CERTIFIED?  No, but please read the letter you received carefully and follow the instructions. If any children in your household were missing from your eligibility notification, contact USD 232 Student Nutrition at 913-667-6200 or immediately.
    • MY CHILD WAS APPROVED FOR FREE/REDUCED PRICE MEALS LAST SCHOOL YEAR. DO I NEED TO COMPLETE THE HOUSEHOLD ECONOMIC SURVEY? Yes. Your child’s application is only good for that school year. If your income qualifies and you want the status applied to school fees, then you must complete the application.
    • WILL THE INFORMATION I PROVIDE BE VERIFIED? Yes. We may also ask you to send written proof of the household income you report.
    • IF I DO NOT QUALIFY NOW, MAY I APPLY LATER? Yes, you may apply at any time during the school year.
    • WE ARE IN THE MILITARY. DO WE REPORT OUR INCOME DIFFERENTLY? Your basic pay and cash bonuses must be reported as income. If you get any cash value allowances for off-base housing, food, or clothing, or receive Family Subsistence Supplemental Allowance payments, it must also be included as income. However, if your housing is part of the Military Housing Privatization Initiative, do not include your housing allowance as income. Any additional combat pay resulting from deployment is also excluded from income.

    If you need assistance completing the application or have questions about the process, please contact our office at 913-667-6200 or email

  • Verification of eligibility: Your eligibility may be checked by school officials at any time during the school year. You may be asked to send information to prove that your child should get free or reduced price Child Nutrition Program benefits via the Household Economic Survey. Surveys selected for verifications are done so randomly. Additionally, USD 232 Student Nutrition will verify surveys that meet any one of the following criteria:

    1. The survey provided an income of $0.
    2. The household submitted >1 survey for the current school year.
    3. The total household income is <$100. 
    4. Survey material is unclear or questionable (i.e., is it a 4 or 6).
    5. External information provided to the Student Nutrition Department questions the integrity of the survey.
    6. Applicant provides information that does not match the completed survey. 

    Any household selected for verification will by notified by the Student Nutrition Department. 

    Fair hearing: If you do not agree with the school's decision on your surveyor the results of the verification, you may wish to discuss it with a school official. You may also ask for a fair hearing. You can do this by calling or writing:

    Alvie Cater, Assistant Superintendent
    35200 W 91st Street
    De Soto, KS  66018

    Confidentiality: The name of a student and his/her eligibility status for Child Nutrition Program benefits may be disclosed without consent to persons directly connected with the administration of:

    • Federal education programs
    • State health or education programs administered by the State or a local education agency
    • Federal, State or local means-tested nutrition programs with eligibility standards comparable to the Child Nutrition Programs

    Information about a student's eligibility status cannot be released to any program, other than those listed above, unless a signed Waiver of Confidentiality is obtained from the student's parent or guardian. The Waiver of Confidentiality may be included on the Application for Child Nutrition Program benefits, or it may be provided on a separate form.

    Re-application: You may compelte the Household Economic Survey application at any time during the year. You may want to apply at a later time because of a decrease in household income, an increase in family size, unemployment, or if your child become eligible for Food Stamps, TAF or FDPIR.