Health Assessment

  • Requirement of a Physical

    In accordance with the provision of the Kansas Child Health Assessment at School Entry Law (72-5214), the following policy shall be applicable to all students attending any school in USD 232.

    • Every pupil up to the age of nine (9) years who has not previously enrolled in any school in this state, prior to admission to and attendance in school, shall present to the appropriate school board the results of a health assessment. This assessment shall have been conducted within twelve (12) months of school entry by a licensed physician or nurse approved to perform health assessments.
    • Information in the health assessment shall be confidential and shall not be disclosed beyond that necessary to protect the health of the pupil and to comply with the law.
    • As an alternative to the health assessment requirement a parent or guardian may present a statement that the child is a member of a religion opposed to such assessments.
    • Prior to the beginning of each school year parents shall be notified of the health assessment requirement.
    • Parents will have ninety (90) days after admission to school to complete the health assessment requirement.
    • Transfer pupils shall have health assessment results forwarded to the district within ninety (90) days of admission.