• In accordance with the provision of the Kansas School Immunization Law 72-5208, 72-5209 and 72-5211a), the following policy shall be applicable to all students.

    No pupil shall be allowed to enroll without parents having first signed a waiver stating they will provide proof of immunization compliance before the first day of the second semester, or provide documentation of a religious or medical exemption. 

    See our Immunizations webpage for required vaccines and other information.

    Note: Those students transferring to Unified School District 232 during the school year will be given a 90 day period to obtain copies of their immunization records. Parents/guardians must sign the Immunization Statement for Transferring Students.

    Evidence of Immunization

    1. Kansas Certificate of Immunization
    2. International Certificate of Immunization
    3. Military Record
    4. Transcript from previous school
    5. Physician's or health department record that has been properly signed.
    6. Any other source deemed appropriate by the school nurse.