District Leadership in Action

  • District Improvement Team

    The District Improvement Team (DIT):

    • Oversees and approves building-level KESA work,
    • Leads and facilitates the Needs Assessment process,
    • Establishes the district’s goals for the five-year cycle,
    • Develops an action plan for each goal,
    • Oversees the implementation of the action plans, and
    • Analyzes the effectiveness of the action plans.

    The District Improvement Team is comprised of employees of the district, with representation from all departments, grades, and certified positions of employment. The group consists of 28 members who are committed to service to the profession both in and beyond the classroom.

    District Site Council

    Representing the district’s parents, community, and business/industry, the District Site Council (DSC) provides input during every step of the growth process.

    The DSC reviews and provides input and feedback on the work of the District Leadership Team (DLT). This includes:

    • Needs Assessment,
    • goal area selection,
    • leadership goal and action plan development,
    • evidence and data, and
    • analysis of growth.

    District Site Council is made up primarily of non-employees of the district.  The DSC represents the district’s various demographic and stakeholder groups, including business and industry representation located in district.