Speech Rewards

  • For the last few years, our speech students have had the opportunity to play a game that was created just for them.  Each year I have created a new version of our game that goes along with the school theme.  This year, our school theme revolves around building futures.  This year, instead of a game, the kiddos are earning lego pieces to build five lego sets that represent different "futures" or careers.  By working together, the kids can earn legos in order to earn a "Speech Party".

    During the party, our students have the opportunity to watch a portion of a movie, eat popcorn, and spend time with other speech students in their grade-level.  

    In order to earn legos at the end of each therapy session, they must:

    • Follow directions
    • Work hard and be a good friend
    • Return Speech Homework (if it is assigned)

    You can help your child by assisting them with homework and reminding them to always do their best!