Speech Homework

  • Speech Therapy continues outside of our speech room.  We hope the Q&A section below helps you when working with your student at home!

    Why does my kid have speech homework?

    It is important for kids to practice what they learn in speech in as many environments as possible.  While it would be great if students naturally did this on their own, they often need to be reminded.  Speech homework is our way of giving both parents and students help in praciticing what they have learned outside of the therapy setting.

    How long should the homework take?

    Speech homework should take anywhere from 5-10 minutes a day.  If you and your child are having trouble with the homework, please contact the SLP or write a note on the top and return it.

    Can my child do their speech homework alone?

    No.  Speech homework is designed for the student to complete it with an adult who can provide them with appropriate feedback.

    How do I provide feedback to my child?

    If your child is working on articulation, or speech sounds, the best thing you can do is tell them if the sound they are working on was produced correctly or not.  This can be done by giving praise for correct sounds or telling the child, "I heard ___ sound.  Let's try that again."

    If your child is working on their language skills, provide praise if they completed the task correctly or repeat what they said and say, "You said ______.  I think it should be _____."