Fees & Payment Information

  • School Bus Transportation

    Bus transportation is provided for students by First Student, under contract with the school district. Registration for bus service is part of online enrollment. If you require bus transportation, you must complete the form as soon as possible.

    Fees, if any, are due no later than August 3, 2022. Transportation Request Forms received after August 3: students may not have bus service until at least September 14. The bus transportation form must be completed regardless if your student is a pay rider, free rider, or qualifies for free and reduced pay relief.

    Students in grades K-12 qualifying for Free/Reduced Lunch will have free bus service with a completed waiver and student transportation form returned.  Please enroll all students who will ride the bus. If you live 2.5 or more miles from school OR qualify for federal free or reduced lunch programs, you are not required to pay a fee. However, you must return the form to request bus service.

    Bus Transportation Fees

    The fee is for students living less than 2.5 miles from their attendance center. The fee is required to ride. Transportation fee is waived for students living 2.5 miles or more from their attendance center. 

    • The fee is $300 per student if paid by Aug 3. (Maximum of $600/family) - split payment plan can apply; pay half by August 3, the remaining balance by Nov. 4.
    • The fee increases to $350 per student if paid after Aug 3. (Maximum of $700/family) 

    If you have any questions, please contact First Student office at 913-422-8501. Please send payment to First Student. Unfortunately, schools cannot accept the Fareride fees.

    May I make a payment by credit/debit card? Yes. First Student accepts Fareride payments by credit card. Please contact First Student at 913-422-8501 to make electronic payments.

    Send transportation forms & payment to:

    First Student 
    8020 Monticello Terrace
    Shawnee, KS 66227