2018 Spring Hill Marching Festival
  • DHS Band Fundraisers

  • Melisa Lynn, chair

    561-632-9987 or mellynn64112@yahoo.com

    The following fundraisers are intended to help raise funds for the DHS Band and its students.  The money raised can be used for band trips, band supplies and various other band activities.

    Fundraisers going to the "General Fund" will be deposited into the general band account or DHS Band Boosters account and will benefit the band as a whole.  "Student Specific" fundraising will be deposited into a seperate account at DHS and will be reflected in CHARMS as benefitting the individual students accounts.

    1. Sporting KC – serve in the Shield Club (concessions)
      1. Must attend training.
      2. Allocated to participants.
      3. Contact Nicole Yarbrough at nicoleyarb@hotmail.com
    1. Ping Pong Ball Drop
      1. Following the De Soto Days parade at downtown De Soto.
      1. Students sell tickets for ping pong balls. The balls are dropped down main street.  The ball first into the funnel at the end wins a cash prize.
      2. The student who sells the most tickets receives $50 into their Charms account.
      3. Remaining funds go to the general band fund.
    1. Clean football stadium after home games
      1. Mr. Bradford will assign sections for each game.
      2. Funds go to the general band fund.
    1. DHS Band Golf Tournament – see band website
      1. Funds allocated to participants after expenses. 
    1. Cherrydale Farms – misc items – Great for Christmas gifts!
      1. Three catalogs + online ordering.
      2. 40-50% of profit allocated to participants.
    1. Butter Braid Pastries – Great for Holiday get-togethers!
      1. Catalog sales only.
      2. At least $5.20 of each $13 item allocated to participants.
    1. Yankee Candles – Great for Christmas gifts!
      1. Catalog + Online ordering.
      2. 40% of sales allocated to participants.
    1. Mattress Sale – Discount prices on brand-name mattresses and mattress sets.
      1. Average mattress set pricing is $700 - $1100.
      2. Compensation is per unit sold:
        1. $50 for twin
        2. $75 for full
        3. $75 for queen
        4. $100 for king
        5. Possible bonus for quantity sold:
        6. 25+ units = $250
        7. 30+ units = $500
        8. 40+ units = $1000
        9. Bonus increases $500 for every 10 units sold over 30 units
        10. Student referral bonus
        11. Funds allocated to participants after a stipend to the general band fund.
    1. Bake Sale and Dinner – pre-concert
      1. Funds go to the general band fund. 
    1. Basketball/Track Concession Stand – Band students run concession stand
      1. Dates TBD
        1. 5 people per shift
        2. 1 adult minimum
      2. Funds go to the general band fund.
    1. Pre-Concert Dinner
      1. Funds go to the general band fund.
    1. HenHouse sacking at 87th and Lackman – Band students sack groceries
      1. Week before Thanksgiving; TBD
      2. Week before Christmas; TBD
      3. Earn an hourly rate plus tips; allocated to participants.
    2. Looking at general band fundraisers for January and February. TBA