Gifted Services

  • Our Gifted Services is also known as the Voyagers Program

    In Kansas, gifted services are provided through Special Education and should be regarded as one part of the continuum in the total educational system. Gifted services are provided upon the determination that students are:

    • severely discrepant from their peers, and
    • their needs cannot be met through general education alone.

      The Goals of Gifted Services in USD 232

    • To provide support for continuous academic growth through challenging curricular opportunities.
    • To promote the expectation that students will be producers of knowledge, not simply consumers of information.
    • To provide opportunities for students to enhance their skills through interactions with peers of similar intellectual ability and interests.
    • To promote the pursuit of excellence in personal and scholarly achievement as a lifelong endeavor.
    • To promote personal responsibility and accountability in our students' academic careers and social relationships.
  • USD 232 Gifted Identification Process

    Parents and guardians often wonder how children are identified for gifted services. Please download the Gifted Information Packet for Parents for more information about this process. It should answer many frequently asked questions. 


  • If you need additional information, please contact the Special Services Department at 913-667-6208 or email Lee Hanson, Director of Special Services.