Safety & Security

  • Photo of entry door into a school office. School Security Upgrade

    All schools would be equipped with updated emergency notification and lockdown systems. Schools require security improvements to entrances and entry areas, along with modifications to better identify and repel potential intruders. The district would consider adding controlled, secure entry at all schools. We want our facilities to remain welcome and inviting places, but our safety and security measures must continue to be a priority. 

    Some schools require compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act for entry from the office into the general school area. The photo on this page illustrates the need to improve the security for entrances into schools.

    Door Access System

    Modernize building access controls with appropriate integration with existing and future safety and security systems.  Existing system is nearly 15 years old and uses proprietary hardware, which limits upgrades and expansion.

    IP Mass Notification, Paging, Strobe, Intercom System

    A single, uniform communications system across the district is an essential piece of a continuous improvement plan for student safety.  The new system will include accommodations for hearing impaired as well as integration with the existing emergency notification system in use by the district.  This system will also provide a replacement for aging, unreliable building bell systems, many of which are original with the building construction. Reliable digital/audio communication with classrooms is crucial in times of emergencies.  Current classroom communication systems are outdated and need to be updated into a uniform solution across the district.

    The four images below show an advanced network device. It is an IP mass notification, paging, and intercom system. It provides a full communications solution with advanced displays with customizable messaging for a variety of situations. Allows for an intergrated solution across all facilities. These units would be placed in every classroom in all schools.

    Image of advanced network device showing time of day. Image of advanced network device showing weather alert with blue alert light. Image of advanced network device showing intruder alert message with red alert light. Image of advanced network device showing security alert message with red alert light.

    Security Camera Replacement & Addition

    The current security camera system is nearly ten years old and in need of updating to interface with other security and building systems. Additional cameras would be added to address identified security gaps at all schools. Systems would be updated to allow secure access to emergency first responders during times of crisis.

    Upgrade handheld radios with integrated communications system

    Reliable, unified communications are crucial in times of emergencies. Current portable communications systems are not integrated, reliable, or uniform across our schools. A new, updated system would enhance communications across the district, as well as integration capabilities with first responders.