Designs & Cost Estimates

  • Conceptual Designs

    The documents on this webpage represent conceptual designs only. If approved by voters, the school district would commence with a formal design process. 

    The district issued requests for proposals for architecture and construction management services. Following this process, the Board of Education selected HTK Architects and Manning Construction to provide services if the bond issue is approved.

Cost Estimates

  • Project Cost Estimating

    The school district worked with architects and industry professionals to create detailed preliminary cost estimates for construction projects. The cost estimates are as realistic as possible using the best available market data.

    This important information not only includes construction costs, it considers soft costs such as FF&E (furniture, fixtures and equipment), surveys, testing, design fees, contingencies, inflation, and other elements.

    The estimates include escalation of six percent for labor and materials and ten percent contingency, as unforeseen disasters such as hurricanes can impact the expense of labor and materials and make costs more challenging to predict over time. If the bond election is approved by voters, cost estimates will be monitored and updated at each stage of the design.

    On this webpage, we included the preliminary cost estimate for the Career and Technical Education Center as an example.

    Graphic showing preliminary cost estimate for Career & Technical Education Center.

Conceptual Designs