District Goals

  • Relationships-

    “a state of interconnectedness among people, curricula, programs, projects, and communities is critical in establishing connections that result in high-performing learning environments” (KSDE, 2010, 40)


    • Staff
      • Collaboration, support, communication
    • Students
      • Safe learning environment, involvement and empowerment
    • Families
      • Engagement, vision/goals, monitoring, resources, evaluation, communication, governance, education, evaluation
    • Community
      • Evaluation, resources, partnerships


    “the power and ability of specific information to meet the needs of its user; strengthens learner motivation and allows learning to become more engaging, empowering, connected, applicable to the real world, and socially significant” (KSDE, 2010, 42)


    • Curriculum
      • KCCRS, curriculum/resources, PD,
    • Instruction
      • Strategies, PD, alignment, personalized instruction, content knowledge, student learning, tech knowledge
    • Student Engagement
      • Input, IPS student advisory council, IPS programming, teacher-student, student-student, student-teacher
    • Technology
      • Leadership, infrastructure/support, teaching & learning, PD, planning, assessment


    *District Goals for the 2020-2021 school year were approved by the USD 232 Board of Education, in a unanimous vote, during the July, 2020 Board of Education meeting.