USD 232 New Teacher Academy

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    Research shows the single greatest influence on student learning success is the classroom teacher.

    The 2022-2023 class of new-to-profession and new-to-district certified staff is a total of 84 spectacular hires.  They met for an initial day of district orientation and professional development at Mill Creek Middle School August 4, 2022.  Additional New Teacher Academy (NTA) events included differentiated meeting time with building principals, School Improvement Specialists, and mentors. 

    New staff work with specially selected one-to-one mentors, as well as in district-provided training throughout the year.  There, they continue to build their skillset, philosophy, management, and leadership talents.  USD 232 works with new staff to support their needs in accordance with state regulations, and then goes beyond those requirements, to build teacher leaders who start strong, and end stronger.