• We are working hard on our unit about Native American regions in North America.  Our students have been reading about different regions and learning about the various customs, forms of housing, transportation and food sources.  They have had great discussions about why tribes chose to live where they did and what roles different people played in these tribes.

     As a final summative assessment, each student has been assigned one region and create a presentation about that region.  They are to research the region and document certain information regarding transportation, weapons/tools/crafts, housing, customs & beliefs, and food as well as a new vocabulary word they learned.  This research can be presented in any form the student wishes (PowerPoint, poster, diorama, mobile, report…).

    We have set aside one day of research in class, but the rest of the project is to be completed at home.  This is expected to be a student-created project.  Please allow them to work independently on this.  Students have gone over the rubric and the expectations with me already and they know what is expected.

    This project is DUE on Monday, September 17th!  Projects will be displayed in a museum type setting on September 19th at 11:00 for parents and people from the community to review and discuss. There will be people from the district office as well as the Mayor of Shawnee in attendance!    

    This is a graded project for the first quarter, and will be a significant part of their Social Studies grade.

    There are some sites that teachers created with links to Native American information. The kids don't have to use these, but it would be a good starting point for their research. There will also have some books pulled from the Johnson County Library available in our pod.



    http://www.wsfcs.k12.nc.us/Page/64944  Scroll down on this one.  The Native American info is further down.


    Native American Project Graphic Oranizer

    Grading Rubric and Requirements