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  • Looking forward to a new season in 2019.

    Hope you can find the information you need on our volleyball site. More questions please contact Debbie Fay.

    I am very excited about your daughter’s interest in volleyball and developing her skill level. I am looking forward to meeting and working with her at Mill Valley. For the girls to see and have the best opportunity for advancement in the game their priority must be doing the hard things first. Playing volleyball is fun but the training and responsibility you take on puts you in charge and gives you your quickest road to playing at a higher level of the game.

    Make your number one priority doing the hard things first. Even if it is painful and boring, requires more energy, takes more time and feels uncomfortable, success is on the other side of that. You must choose discipline and be willing to train. If our girls spend their time training on improving their vertical, strength and speed at which she can play the game, those physical traits can help her to raise her skill level quickly. If those are average, she will still need to develop them to see the development in her game that she wants. Playing volleyball keeps you at the level you are currently playing. Challenge yourself to be more aggressive and hit the floor, go for every ball and stretch yourself physically. Our bodies are incredible with what they can accomplish with serious effort.

    We welcome all who enjoy the game of volleyball and are excited to watch you develop and reach your individual goals.  I hope this helps answer questions on what my daughter can do to help her be ready for Mill Valley Volleyball.  High school will be fun and rewarding be excited to get started.

    Hope to see you in the gym soon. If anyone has new fun pictures or action shots to add let me know so we can brighten up our volleyball family site. 

    2018 MVVB Picture

    Debbie Fay, Varsity Head Coach
    Christine Preston, JV Coach
    Sarah Margaret Heffernon, C Team Coach
    Lindsay Flint, Freshman Coach