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  • MTSS stands for Multi-Tiered Systems of Support. MTSS is an instructional framework that includes universal screening of all students, multiple tiers of instruction and support services, and an integrated data collection and assessment system to inform decisions at each tier of instruction. The framework can be used for literacy, math, or behavior supports.

    Over the past few years, a number of state-level departments of education have developed requirements for adoption of MTSS by school districts, as well as resources to help schools implement MTSS. 

    MTSS is a comprehensive framework that emphasizes multiple levels of instruction and support for all learners, including students with advanced skills or struggling students who may not be eligible for special education services. MTSS is typically a general education initiative that strives to ensure that practices, policies, and programs are aligned on classroom, school, and district levels. In addition to focusing on student support, MTSS emphasizes professional development and instructional support for general education and support staff who are delivering literacy instruction. MTSS is likely to produce professional development that is aligned across a school and the district. Finally, MTSS requires a collaboration between general education and special education within each school, as well as between the school and the district.


    • Tier 1 – Level of instruction found in general education classrooms
    • Tier 2 – More deliberate, direct and explicit in how students are taught and how feedback is models and details are provided.
    • Tier 3 – Intensive instruction and may bring in a specialist who would have added expertise to weigh in on the challenge.

    What is Kansas MTSS?

    A coherent continuum of evidence-based, systemwide practices to support a rapid response to academic, behavioral, and social needs with frequent data-based monitoring for instructional decision making to empower each Kansas student to achieve high standards.

    Core Beliefs of Kansas MTSS:

    1) Every child learns and achieves to high standards to be college and career ready.

    2) Learning includes academic and social competencies.

    3) Every member of the education community continues to grow, learn, and reflect.

    4) Every leader, at every level, is responsible for every student.

    5) Change is intentional, coherent, and dynamic.

    According to KansasMTSS.org, “When implemented fully, an effective MTSS results in a self-correcting feedback loop that uses universal screening assessment data to not only intervene at the student level but also to continuously refine the system by analyzing grade, building and district level data for the purpose of school improvement.”