Kindergarten Roundup 2021

Kindergarten Roundup SUCCESS!

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    Thank You for Attending our Virtual Kindergarten Roundup!

    We are thrilled to have your child join us for Kindergarten at Starside Elementary in August 2021! 

    For those who were unable to attend the March 18 event click here to view the recorded version:

    Now, let’s get started with KINDERGARTEN ENROLLMENT!

    STEP 1 – Please bring each of the following items to the Starside Office by Friday April 2, 2021 – by appointment! Call 913-667-6270. We are happy to make copies for you!

    State-issued Birth Certificate - The official documentation issued by the state where your child was born. Hospital copies are NOT accepted.

    Proof of Residency - To establish our families reside within the USD232 boundaries the state requires one of the following:

    • a copy of your current rental/lease agreement or home/mortgage contract
    • a utility bill attached to the home such as gas, water, or electricity (satellite/cable, phone, insurance, tax/benefits documents or general mail, et al, NOT accepted)
    • a notarized letter supported by one of the above from the contracted resident, IF living with a family member/other

    Immunization Record – This must be current, have your child’s name on it, and list all immunizations received to date. *But what if a child has their physical and immunization appointment scheduled over the summer? No worries! Please have these turned in to Nurse Tara by August 1, 2021

    STEP 2 – Complete and return the two attached enrollment forms, linked below.

    These forms are in English and Spanish – your choice! Complete and email to or print and bring them to our front office, by appointment! Call 913-667-6270.

    1. Starside New Student Enrollment Form – Please complete all fields. Phone and Email required.
    2. Home Language Survey – Required by the State of Kansas for all students.

    STEP 3 – Incoming Kindergarten families will receive additional information from the Starside Office about the final steps for completing ONLINE ENROLLMENT, beginning May 1, 2021.

    Once STEP 3 is completed by mid-May, incoming kindergarten families will receive their Kindergarten Comet Swag Bags!