USD 232 Education Foundation

  • The school district is proud to partner with the USD 232 Education Foundation, a newly formed organization designed to support educational excellence for our students. Use these webpages to learn more and find ways to join the effort to cultivate student success.

Foundation Board

  • The Board is comprised USD 232 community members who donate their time and skills to help support a strong foundation that will support students and teachers into the future. 

    These like-minded individuals share the vision of seeking out community resources and creating strategic alliances to spark innovation and support educational excellence for students in the school district. Using the vision and mission established by the founding board, they are working to establish goals that will enhance the services and education provided by USD 232.

    Each board member will serve for 2-year term, renewable up to 6-consecutive years. Officers are elected each year.

    Rachele Zade, Board President 
    Chuck Neill, Board Vice-President 
    Nancy Neighbors Board Treasurer
    Norm Messner,  Board Member  
    Jamie Weese, Board Member
    Susan Mohn  Board Member
    Roger Templin, Board Member
    Ashley Spaulding, USD 232 Board of Education Member  
    Alvie Cater, USD 232 District Member

    Holly Schreiber, De Soto Teachers’ Association Representative

    Kris Meyer, Executive Director
    Casey Rooman Smith, Board Secretary

USD 232 Education Foundation logo
  • Mission
    To enhance educational excellence by connecting community resources through collaboration, recognition, and innovative partnerships.
    To engage the entire USD 232 community in philanthropic giving that strengthens schools, supports teachers, and inspires students. 

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