Hiring Procedures

  • A guide to the hiring process

    Step 1: Job Selection:  Interested/qualified candidates review all job postings and select a job of interest.  The candidate can apply for more than one position.

    Step 2: Application:  The candidate will complete the online application.   It is recommended that candidates attach a current resume', letter of interest, and three (3) professional letters of reference to the electronic file.  If the position requires a professional license, the applicant is strongly encouraged to attach a copy of all transcripts and license (if available).  Official copies of transcripts and license will only be required if a candidate is offered a position. Paper documentation will be accepted, but not encouraged at Step 2. 

    Step 3: Licensed Staff Screening Interview:  Screening interviews often are conducted before a candidate has completed the application process (Step 2).  The application must be complete before a candidate is hired by the district. Screening Interviews may be conducted at university job fairs or by telephone.  Please note: the screening interview provides a district supervisor/principal a chance to meet and recommend an applicant for a building level interview.  The screening interview may be waived when circumstances dictate.

    Step 4: Selection Interview:   The applications are screened by building principals or supervisors to choose  individuals for selection interviews.  The principal/supervisor will review available candidate information (letter of interest, resume, professional references, online application, transcripts, professional license, and/or screening interview score).  Based on this information, the principal/supervisor will invite candidates for a selection-level interview. Supervisors/principals will often follow a "team interview" format at this level.  Depending on the number and quality of candidates, additional interviews may be necessary to identify the finalist(s) for recommendation.

    Step 5: Criminal Background Check; Reference Checks: The school district uses a nationally recognized vendor to conduct extensive criminal background checks for potential new hires. The screening includes a multi-state criminal record search, along with a federal criminal background check, as well as a search of the multi-state sex offender registry. USD 232 reserves the right to seek confidential reference checks from any and all current and former employers, supervisors, principals, colleagues and/or cooperating teachers who may have knowledge of the applicants' job performance. If a candidate does not want the district to check references with a specific individual, the applicant is expected to submit this request, in writing, at the time of application.

    Step 6: Final HR Interview:   A final interview will be scheduled with a member of the Human Resource Department prior to making a hiring recommendation to the Board of Education.

    Step 7: Board of Education Approval:   Candidates recommended for employment by the Human Resource Department must be approved by the Board of Education.  A hiring decision is not official until the Board of Education approves the recommendation at the next regularly scheduled Board meeting.

    Step 8: Employment File:   Once a candidate is approved by the Board, an employment file will be created.  New hires must have the following items on file:

    • All official college transcripts
    • Your appropriate Kansas teaching license (employer's copy) - licensed staff only
    • Physical and Negative TB Test
    • Clear background check
    • Completion of other required documents

    Please note that the selection process is confidential.  To ensure that committee members will speak freely during the selection deliberations, and to ensure all contacted references will provide honest responses, USD 232 does not provide post-interview feedback to unsuccessful candidates.

    Applicants are to direct questions regarding specific positions to the Human Resource Department.  Candidates should not contact the selecting principals/supervisors directly. 

    Following a Selection Interview and Final HR Interview, the candidate can expect to receive either a phone call or a letter informing him/her of the results of the interview.  If you do not receive a contact within 10 business days following these interviews, please contact the Human Resources Department for an update.

Photo of teacher with student.