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  • Our Plan for 2020-21 School Year

    Arrow pointing to the right  Coming Back Together - Updated Oct. 5, 2020

    Note: The Coming Back Together document now includes the latest updates approved by the Board of Education on Oct. 5. A complete list of these changes are below:

    • Pg. 3 – Introduction, On-Site Model
      • Removed JCDHE; added KSDE
      • Added new students statement

    • Pg. 8  - Public Health and Safety, definitions
      • Changed infectious period from 2 days to 3
      • Added additional language to defining close contact

    • Pg. 10 - Public Health and Safety, school response
      • Changed infectious period from 2 days to 3

    • Pg. 16Classroom Spaces, attendance standards
      • Removed daily log language

    • Pg. 18 - Classroom Spaces, healthy environments
      • Removed barrier between bathroom sinks language

    • Pg. 35 – Facilities, School Facility Rentals
      • Adjusted language for indoor facility usage

    • Pg. 40 - Transportation
      • Adjusted sanitation language from “daily” to “regularly”

    • Pg. 42 – Remote Learning Environment Guidelines
      • Adjusted language for Optional Remote Learning 

    • Pg. 44-45, 49 – Learning Guidelines
      • All SeeSaw was replaced with SchoolWork

    • Pg. 57 – Optional Remote Learning Program
      • Removed daily log language
      • Replaced “log” with “engage”

    • Pg. 64 – Hybrid Learning
      • Removed daily log language

    • Appendix A Update 
      • KDHE COVID-19 vs. COLD vs. FLU vs. ALLERGIES for both children and adults

    Two Choices for Families

    Graphic showing two learning models.

    We developed and planned for two (2) distinct learning models for students. The first is On-Site and the second model is what we are calling a parent choice for Optional Remote Learning.
    1. On-Site Model – with three possible learning environments
    Parents who desire in-person instruction for their children would choose the On-Site Model, knowing that the school district could shift between two additional learning environments during the school year based on the community spread of COVID-19.
    Under our On-Site Model, the district could start in or move between three learning environments: On-Site (in-person) to Hybrid, or to Remote learning. These decisions will be district-directed and based on guidance from the Kansas Schools Gating Criteria recommended by the Kansas State Board of Education. Parents cannot choose Hybrid or Remote. This will be decided by the school district. Sample schedules of each learning environment are provided in our updated plans.
    Parents who do not desire in-person (on-site) instruction for their children would choose the Optional Remote Learning model.
    The students in this model would be in optional remote learning all the time for a commitment of at least one semester. Parents would have opportunity to switch their children to On-Site learning for second semester, or may choose to remain in optional remote learning for the remainder of the school year. Sample schedules are provided in our updated plans.

    • Activities & Athletics for Optional Remote Learning Students 
      Students enrolled in the Optional Remote Learning Model may participate, in person, in activities and athletics that take place outside the normal school day and remotely in activities that take place during the school day.

    • What will Optional Remote Learning look like for my student? 
      The Coming Back Together document includes more details about Optional Remote Learning for students. We are providing parents with sample schedules for elementary, middle school, and high school. The document also provides information on the potential courses that would be available at the high school level dependent on student interest and available resources.

    Please contact your child’s school with school-specific questions.

    Skyward Family Access
    The district will utilize Skyward Family Access to complete registration / enrollment.

    Forgot your user name/password?
    The Skyward Family Access parent account is based on the parent email address on file with the school. First, try using the “Forgot your Login/Password” to reset your password. This link is on the login page for Family Access. If that process is not successful, please contact your child’s school directly to ensure it has your most current email address on file.

    Other Information
    Once the selection process is completed, each school will begin the process of building new schedules for students enrolled in the On-Site and Optional Remote Learning Models.

    Some school and course fees may not be applicable for families choosing Optional Remote Learning for their students. If families choosing Optional Remote Learning have already paid certain fees that will not apply in Optional Remote Learning, a refund will be processed. Parents who choose Optional Remote Learning may wait until student schedules are finalized before making fee payments. This will allow us time to apply the correct fees.

    Once applicable fees are applied, any family may request a manageable monthly payment plan.

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