Optional Remote Learning

Optional Remote Learning Model (Parent Choice)

  • In order to be eligible to participate in the USD 232 Optional Remote Learning Program, students:

    • Must be eligible to enroll as a USD 232 student based on current policy and regulation.
    • Must be enrolled and select optional remote by a date to be determined.
    • Must keep a daily log of learning and submit weekly.
    • Students are expected to log a minimum of 6 hours of learning activities daily.
    • Must attend and engage in regular contact with teachers
    • Must complete assigned tasks

    Additionally, students enrolled in the Optional Remote Learning Program will remain in the program throughout the current semester.

    Students enrolled in the Optional Remote Learning Model may participate in person in activities and athletics that take place outside the normal school day and remotely in activities that take place during the school day.

    ­Optional Remote Learning Program will focus on core and required subjects and prioritize advancement toward graduation requirements.

    Depending on the total enrollment in the Optional Remote Learning Program, the elective, exploratory and specials course may be significantly limited.

    Students may be grouped by grand band (K-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12).  Although enrolled in a multiage class, each student will be expected to work at their appropriate grade level.

    Due to the nature of the programs, specific information about Remote Learning opportunities for Early Childhood and Bridge programs will be determined case by case.

    >>Optional Remote Teacher Handbook

Optional Remote Learning Model – Sample Schedules