On-Site Learning Flow Chart
  • Under our On-Site Model, the district could move from On-Site (in-person) to Hybrid, or to Remote learning. These decisions will be district-directed and based on the Kansas Schools Gating Criteria  recommended by the Kansas State Board of Education, developed by the Kansas COVID Workgroup for Kids alongside the Kansas Department of Health and Environment and Kansas State Department of Education. Parents cannot choose Hybrid or Remote, but will be decided by the Board of Education. Sample schedules of each learning environment is provided below.

Hybrid Learning Environment

  • This learning model is a combination of On-Site and Remote Learning Environments. As a district we would move to this learning environment IF we are required to host a smaller onsite learning community. A sample week could include A Day Students meeting On-Site for two-days, ALL students meeting remotely for one-day, then B Day Students meeting On-Site for two-days. A complete schedule detailing these days will be provided if the district moves to the Hybrid Learning Environment with all schools following a similiar A-C-B schedule.

    In the event the district is in the Hybrid Learning Environment, schools would use the following proposed schedule for September. It assumes the basic split for students with last names A-K (A Day) and L-Z (B Day). It is likely some students would need to be moved to one group or the other to achieve the necessary balance. This information would be communicated with families once details are finalized.

    Proposed Schedule Key

    • A Day = Blue
    • B Day = Green
    • C Day = Purple

    Graphic showing month of September with color-coded days identifying A, B, and C days.

    Elementary Hybrid Sample Schedule

    Middle School Hybrid Sample Schedule

    High School Hybrid Sample Schedule

Remote Learning Environment