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Who We Are

  • USD 232 Education Foundation Community Giving Circle supports the USD 232 Education Foundation’s mission and vision. The Giving Circle empowers individual members of our community to share their voices and support through direct, high-impact grants to educators who apply to bring innovative programs or tools to enrich the student learning experience. 

    The USD 232 Education Foundation Community Giving Circle plans to meet each spring to hear presentations from three educators to then award a $10,000 grant to fund one of the projects.  Reserve your spot today with a $100 donation to the Community Giving Circle! 

    100% of all Giving Circle donations go directly to the project chosen by the Community Giving Circle Supporters.

    Learn more about the USD 232 Education Foundation Community Giving Circle using the links below.

    The Giving Circle Grant Application window is now OPEN!

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USD 232 Community Giving Circle

2023 Perennial Members

  • Thank you Perennial Members!

    Rick Amos
    Laura Anderson
    Lori Barngrover
    Laura Berg
    Paul Berry
    Melanie Blackmore
    Dana Blubaugh
    Heather Bragg
    Jessica Brandmeyer
    Heather Buchwitz
    Emily Carpenter
    Chelsea Cole
    LDR Construction
    Chris Cox
    Suzanne Cox
    Ali Crofoot
    Terri Easley-Giraldo
    Christi Eaton
    Tara Eberline
    Jodi Ellis
    John Gaignat
    Kelli Gamel
    Natalie Gulley
    Carrie Handy
    Pam Hargrove
    Danielle Heikes
    Bailey Henning
    Marci Hillhouse
    Rhea Hughes
    Rob Hughes
    Kevin Jeffries
    Brandi Jonasson

    Inga Nordstrom-Kelly
    Joseph Kelly
    Sean Lange
    Stephanie Makalous
    Tia McGivern
    Corey Mohn
    Susan Mohn
    Rob Moser
    Nancy Neighbors
    Natalie Nelson
    Doug Opdycke
    Vergie Opdycke
    Katie Rea
    Katie Reed
    Sam Ruff
    Holly Schreiber
    Brian Schwanz
    Susan Slater
    Ashley Spaulding
    Mitra Templin
    Roger Templin
    Tina Tickles-Dinkel
    Lee Urban
    Megan Urban
    Kaleb Wade
    Melanie Wade
    Becky Walker
    Paul Walker
    Brian Weese
    Jamie Weese
    Kelsey Zabel
    Rachele Zade