nOsH: We all know that our bodies need fuel, and that if we don't choose the best fuel, our bodies just don't run correctly. We spit. We sputter. We rumble. Our mufflers might even explode. The science of nutrition is a never ending puzzle of what works well together- my daughter, the best dietitian I know, has taught me a LOT about how to raise children who develop a healthy relationship with FOOD. Real food. All foods. It is so easy to see how my parents' life habits influenced my life habits which influenced our children's life habits....and on and on it goes until we LEARN better. So thankful that we have! Now, overcoming all of the emotional luggage that is in my relationship with food is a battle that still wages. But that's okay. It's a journey. I'm so excited to begin to share just a few fun resources to start your family's food relationship reflection.