• Our last ReSiLiEnCy highlight areas are mOvE & pLaY. Maybe that's even just one area. To play is to move and to move is most fun when it's play! Anyone who uses exercise to self-regulate already knows and understands the value of movement and the effect it has on our body. Stress is so very prevalent right now, and can attack our bodies in ways we cannot even explain. Having odd dreams? Feeling a little snarky? Losing your train of thought? Gaining weight? Having difficulty finishing a task? Feeling pain you can't explain? All of these can be signs of stress. Exercise and movement (really, I'm just talking about something as simple as taking a walk, or taking the stairs) positively affect our dopamine and serotonin levels, providing a burst of stress-reducing stimuli that allow our brains and bodies to function in a more self-regulated state. All of this supports our ability to show resiliency in the face of challenge. Check out the ideas below (also posted on the ReSiLiEnCy PrOjEcT tab on our website) for a few ideas to get you started this summer.



    mOvE & pLaY:


    Bonus...because it is really important to understand emotional agility and it's relationship to resiliency in the realm of mental health. A good watch!