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Virtual Education Program

The USD 232 Virtual Education Program (VEP) started in the fall of 2016 to assist our students needing an alternative education.  Our VEP vision is to provide an alternative educational opportunity for USD 232 high school students outside of the traditional school setting.  Our mission is to provide USD 232 students with an opportunity to become high school graduates through a comprehensive online learning experience that will prepare them for success in postsecondary education, career, and life. 

We believe that learners of all backgrounds and abilities should be afforded the opportunity to complete high school and receive a high school diploma in preparation for postsecondary education, and career success. Additionally, students in non-traditional and alternative environments are best served by employing a curriculum that is rigorous and engaging supported by professional educators who interact with the student. Lastly, students benefit from instruction that is self-paced and adapted to their unique learning styles, and is flexible to their physical and social environments. 

Enrollment into the VEP is contingent upon a recommendation by the home school’s student intervention team.  Students in grades 9-12 who are enrolled in USD 232 are eligible for enrollment in the VEP.  To apply to the VEP, students may contact their counselor, or the high school student intervention team may recommend the student for enrollment.  The home high school counselor will provide the VEP application form.  Once the application is submitted and reviewed by the student’s home high school student intervention teama conference will be held with the student and the parent/guardian.  Only after parent/guardian consent will the team consider acceptance of the student into the VEP.

For more information about the USD 232 Virtual Education Program, please contact Ceresa Schaffer (913) 667-6200.