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2023-24 Applicant Finalists

The USD232EF is thrilled to extend our congratulations to Clear Creek Elementary, De Soto High School, and Mill Creek Middle School! πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ½ 

Clear Creek Outdoor Learning Lab

Clear Creek Elementary seeks grant funds to enhance its learning environment by transforming the courtyard into an innovative outdoor space. The proposed project involves the purchase of an above-ground pond stocked with fish and plants, hydroponics kits, bird feeders, and composting bins. Additionally, funds would be allocated for outdoor seating, shade structures, and all-weather art and sensory supplies. The grant would also cover the costs of materials and blueprints for a shed, to be built in collaboration with high school woodworking classes at both DHS and MVHS. The goal is to immerse students in a natural setting, facilitating outdoor learning experiences aligned with core standards and exploratory classes. By providing a varied learning environment, the project aims to foster student engagement, enhance problem-solving skills, and reduce negative behaviors, ultimately enriching the overall educational experience at Clear Creek Elementary.

De Soto High School AVID Odyssey

De Soto High School seeks grant funds to establish a state-of-the-art college-type learning lab and facilitate essential college visits for Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) program students. AVID is dedicated to narrowing the opportunity gap by equipping students for college and career success in today's global society. The proposed grant aims to create a dynamic learning environment, where instructional strategies, test-taking skills, and time management techniques converge to foster academic growth. The funding will also support college visit days and facilitate the establishment of a collaborative hub for speakers, interviews, and activities—resembling college study environments. In partnership with the Pre-Vocational Interactions class, the use and management of this space will cultivate a community of learners, aligned with De Soto High School’s dedication to ensure all students learn at high levels, have a positive sense of belonging, and are well-prepared for their future.

Mill Creek Middle School Beekeeping

Mill Creek Middle School seeks grant funds for a beekeeping proposal aimed at providing students with a hands-on experience in understanding the vital role of bees in our environment. By creating a bee yard with hives on the school grounds, students can actively observe honeybees engaging in pollination and honey production. Beyond the ecological benefits, the honey produced can serve as a unique fundraising opportunity. Aligned with the seventh-grade Life Science standards, the proposed project offers real-world learning opportunities beyond the traditional classroom. Additionally, the proposal incorporates elements of small business and food science. With the aim of becoming financially self-sustaining within three years, the initiative encourages whole-school involvement across various disciplines. By involving students in the entire process of honey production, from ecosystem observation to sales, the project is designed to benefit Mill Creek Middle School for years to come.

Community Giving Circle Grant Winners

2023 Starside Extreme Technology Lab

Community Giving Circle Winner for 2023

2022 The Bridge Enterprise Expansion

First Community Giving Circle Recipient in 2022