Career and Technical Education

  • Jim Bonar
    Courses: Architecture/Interior Design, Drafting, Residential Carpentry 1, Residential Carpentry 2 , and Stagecraft

    Tom Byers
    Courses: Accounting, Advanced Accounting, Business Essentials, Marketing, and Marketing Applications

    Caroline Friday
    Courses: Career and Life Planning, Teaching as a Career, Communications as a Career, Nuttrition and Wellness, and Human Growth

    Ali McCullough
    Courses: Animation, Computer Graphics, and Game Design

    Tim Mispagel
    Courses: Emerging Technologies

    Drew Proctor
    Courses: Computer Graphics

    Ben Stamey
    Courses: Computer Graphics and Web Page Design

    Michael Sullivan
    Courses: 21st Century Journalism, AV Production, Newspaper, Photo Imaging, and Yearbook

    Miranda Young
    Courses: EDD, IED, POE, and VEP 



Degrees and Certifications: