English Language Arts

  • Phil Hamilton
    Courses: ACT Prep and AP Language and Composition

    Lori Hughes

    Courses: ACT Prep, English 11, and English 12

    Inga Kelly
    Courses: Communications, Debate, Forensics, Advanced Debate, and Advanced Forensics

    Donna Rhodes
    Courses: English 10, and Honors English 10

    Emily Shepard
    Courses: English 11, Honors English 9, and Tier 2 9th

    Crystal Sinclair-King
    Courses: Creative Writing 1, Creative Writing 2, English 10, and English 12

    Amanda Sweet
    Courses: AP Literture and Composition, English 9, and Tier 2 10th

    Solitare Ware
    Courses: English 9 and English 10