Performing and Fine Arts

  • Matt Bradford
    Courses: Wildcat Band, Concert Band, Multimedia, Percussion, AP Music Theory, Jazz Ensemble, History of Rock, and Symponic Band

    Sarah Cronkleton-Kidd
    Courses: Drama, Advanced Drama, Repertory Theatre and Stagecraft

    Mindy Fry
    Courses: Choir Foundations Girls, Choir Foundations Boys, Wildcat Chorale, Wildcat Band Assistant, Alternative Education/Credit Recovery, De Soto Descants, and De Soto Voce

    Philip Kaul
    Courses: Symphonic Band, Multimedia, Music Composition, Wildcat Band, Concert Band, Jazz Band, and Alternative Edu./Credit Recovery 

    Tim Mispagel
    Courses: AP Studio Art, Drawing, Emerging Technology, and Sculpture

    Shelia Wilkins
    Courses: Art 1, Art 2, and Photo Imaging