National Honor Society

  • National Honor Society Application Information

    Application Information

    • Applications will be located on the NHS page of the DHS website.
    • Students will share their leadership, service, school/community activities, work experiences, and character.
    • It is recommended that students use bullet points for each separate experience.
    • It is recommended that students specify the time commitment of each experience.
    • Application deadline is TBD
    • We will email the student to confirm that their application has been received.
    • Online Application: Click Here

     Judging Process

    • Completed applications will be assigned a number and names removed to make them anonymous.
    • Judges do not know the identities of the applicants nor the other judges.
    • Sponsors will simply facilitate the process: We are not judges!
    • Judges will have two weeks to make their decisions. These decisions are FINAL.
    • Letters of acceptance or rejection will be mailed the second week of November.

    NHS Induction Ceremony

    • It is REQUIRED that students attend this ceremony, which will be on TBD.


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