Student Parking

  • Students will be allowed to obtain a parking pass during enrollment on the following dates and times:

    • Seniors: July 31st, 8am - 3pm
    • Juniors: August 1st, 1pm - 8pm
    • Sophomores: August 2nd, 8am - 12pm
      • Sophomores passes will be issued based on the number of spaces remaining and will be randomly selected.

    Freshman students are NOT allowed to park on school property.

    We will have computers available for students to use at school or you can complete the request online ahead of time. Please use the link below. Completing the online form does not ensure a parking permit.  Students will still need to report to school during their designated date and time with a valid drivers license to get the official parking pass.

    You will not be able to obtain your parking permit early.  Students must come during their designated time.

    >> Parking Pass Link