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    Riverview Diversity Team Focus Areas 

    • Cultural awareness and celebration 

    • Diversity communication and engagement opportunities for families  

    • Strong family connections and communication


    Current Diversity Team Activities

    KC Ethnic Enrichment Fair RE Meetup —Group meetup at the EE Festival in Swope Park in KCMO. Families will be encouraged eat and experience the event together with possible games. Date:  August 19 at 2 p.m. 

    Friendship Potluck Meals (October and March)—Hosted by the Team, these potluck meals will be open to all RE families with emphasis on welcoming diverse families in a familial and friendly environment. Meals will include traditional dishes prepared by Committee members and attendees. Our first Friendship Meal will be Saturday October 20, 11 a.m.to 1 p.m.  Look for details in October!