• KAY Club Officers had the opportunity to join other KAY clubs at the State Regional Conference. Students heard from other clubs about how they serve their school, community, nation, and world. Students also heard from speakers from various occupations on what it means and what it takes to be a leader. 
    Our club officers came back to school full of big ideas and dreams on how they can serve their school and community.
    Our KAY club officers are:
    Jarvis Avila: Record Keeper
    Alyssa McNemee: Treasurer
    Marly Noble: Photographer
    Sarah Follmer: Vice President
    Carson Hanley: President
    The KAY Club Pledge
    I will, as a member of the Kansas Association for Youth, endeavor to maintain the high ideals of my organization, to make my personality a positive influence in the life of my school and my community and to pass on an association which will be a challenge and inspiration to future members.
    The Official KAY Objectives: