Title I Parent Rights Notification

  • Professional Qualifications

    Parents may request the following information regarding the professional qualifications of their child’s classroom teacher:

    Whether or not the teacher has met Kansas licensing criteria for the grade levels and subject areas being taught; the baccalaureate degree and any other graduate certificate or degree and the field of discipline of both; whether the teacher is teaching under an emergency or professional waiver.
    Currently, all teachers at our school meet the above criteria. Each one is licensed for the grade levels and subject areas being taught. Each one has a baccalaureate degree and none are teaching under an emergency or provisional waiver. 

    In the event of a teacher's extended absence, you will be contacted if your child is taught by a “non-highly qualified” teacher for four continuous weeks or more. 

    State Assessment Data

    As a parent, you have the right to request your child’s state assessment scores. You can also find your child's assessment scores by logging into Skyward and choosing test scores from the navigation menu on the left. 

    Accountability Reports

    You have a right to obtain the school and school district state report cards. This information can also be found at KSDE Data Central.

    Learning Agreement (Parent/School Compact)

    At Starside, we value the partnership between school and home. Each year during enrollment, families receive and complete our Learning Agreement (Parent/School Compact).  If you have questions about the Learning Agreement, please contact the office.


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