Officer Newson

Phone: 913-667-6250, ext. 3109


Degrees and Certifications:

Brad Newson

Deputy Brad Newson has served with the Johnson County Sheriff’s Department 8 years and is a Marine Corp Veteran.  Brad’s extensive law enforcement experience includes: Patrol, Honor Guard, Field Force, Accident Investigation, Drone Operator, and Field Training Officer.  Brad holds a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from Washburn University, and is currently assigned to his department’s Community Policing Unit as a School Resource Officer at De Soto High School. 

School Safety Terms

  • Lockdown

    A lockdown takes place if an internal threat is identified at the school. Staff should follow ALICE protocols, as applicable to the situation.



    A lockout recovers all students from outside the building, secures the building perimeter and locks all outside doors. This would be implemented when there is a threat or hazard in the general vicinity of a school, but not on, or very close to school property. Normal activities may continue inside the school during a lockout. No entry or exit will be allowed until the lockout is lifted.



    Students take refuge in designated areas to protect them from hazardous materials or severe weather. No entry into or exit from the school will be allowed until the shelter-in-place is lifted.



    Movement of students and staff is temporarily limited when an internal incident arises, such as a student in crisis, a medical emergency, or a maintenance issue. This is initiated to keep students and staff away from the affected area.



    Students and staff are required to be moved out of a building because it is safer outside than inside (as in the case of a fire, explosion or hazardous material spill). Some evacuations may occur during a lockdown as staff follow ALICE protocols, as applicable to the situation.

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