Our School

  • Location
    De Soto High School is located near K-10 and Lexington Avenue on 91st Street in De Soto, Kansas. We are a part of Unified School District No. 232 in Johnson County.

    Core Values
    De Soto High School staff and students will endeavor to model the following core values in the pursuit of a quality education. It is the strong belief of our staff that these virtues, when applied in the educational setting, lead to success both academically and in real world experiences. The Core Values of Integrity, Perseverance, Inquiry, Communication and Reflection are defined as:

    : Adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty; "Golden Rule". 

    Inquiry: Seeking information through posing questions, research and problem solving.

    Communication: The imparting or interchanging of thoughts, opinions or information by speech, writing or nonverbal representations.

    Perseverance: Steady persistence in a course of action in spite of difficulties, obstacles or disappointment.

    Reflection: The focus of self-evaluation for the purpose of improvement.

    School History
    De Soto High School enjoys a long tradition dating back to February 8, 1919 when the building was located in what is now City Hall for the City of De Soto. That building opened as part of the De Soto Rural High School District. In the 1960’s, the State of Kansas ordered unification of school districts. The De Soto Rural High School District became the Unified School District No. 232, forming in 1964. A second building was opened in 1968 at 8800 Penner Avenue, the current location of Lexington Trails Middle School, with the old high school becoming De Soto Junior High School. The present De Soto High School facility/building (32000 West 91st Street) opened in 1995. Since that time there have been four additional construction projects that have expanded and renovated the building, with the newest addition opening in August of 2016.
    Extracurricular Activities at De Soto High School have been the focus of community pride. Most of the activity programs at De Soto High School have excelled competitively in both state and national contests. The Marching Band, Scholars Bowl, Choir, Cross Country, Baseball, Softball and Diamond Dancers teams have all won state or national titles. The school newspaper, The Green Pride, and the yearbook, The Wildcat, have likewise received recognition. The wildcat has been the school’s mascot since the early 1920s. DHS offers 22 sports in interscholastic competition. Students are also offered many extracurricular and intramural opportunities through an extensive activities program.

    Fight Song
    Fight, De Soto Wildcats
    For the vic'try, fight.
    Glory in the combat
    For the green and the white.
    Faithful to De Soto
    We shall ever be!
    Fighting, ever fighting.
    For a Wildcat victory.
    GO CATS!