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  • Thank you for accessing the DHS Student Services page. We want you to know that our team is here to support you and your student. As we make the transition to on-line learning we will be working to enrich the connections with your students and addressing their needs via Zoom meetings, by email or phone. 

    We will also be adding new content to this page on a weekly basis in an effort to provide you with information that could be helpful in supporting your family and student during this ever-changing time.  We will focus on information related to mental wellness, fostering emotional resiliency, mindfulness exercises/activities in addition to posting videos or links to articles that speak to COVID 19 and it’s impact on youth.

    During a time when we are experiencing physical and social distancing our team will be working to support this transition. While our team would all prefer seeing your students in person we are committed to making this change the best it can possibly be. Please see below when our team can be reached daily for office hours. This schedule time will allow you access to us via email or to set up a Zoom meeting. We hope that most, if not all inquiries can be addressed during this time. In the event that we cannot meet your need we will work to schedule a meeting that works with your availability.   

    Your Student Services Team

    Mrs. Crissy Johns (Last name A-G): 9-10 am

    Mrs. Lindsay Hothan (Last name H-N): 9-10 am

    Mrs. Kris Wilkens (Last name O-Z): 10-11 am

    Mr. Joe Kordalski (Social Worker): 8-9 am

    Mrs. Autumn Burks (School Psychologist): 8-9 am

  • Continuous Learning - Week 1

    Posted by DHS Student Services on 4/3/2020 3:15:00 PM

    Parents and/or Guardians,  

    The first week into this new learning experience is coming to an end.  Although it was short we can imagine that the information being directed to you and your student has been overwhelming.  It’s our hope that the individual conversations you’ve had with teachers and staff either through email, phone or Zoom meetings have been reassuring that we can work through the bumps and get back into a new rhythm of school.  

    We will continue to stress over the course of 4th Quarter that we want your student’s health and needs to be our top priority.  In this respect we will need your help as we can’t support what we don’t know.  Your student’s communication with you and subsequently the communication with our team is an important piece to us getting through these challenging times. 

    Below we’ve listed a couple sites to use as a starting point.  The first link will direct you to the CDC where they’ve listed a lot of great information about keeping kids healthy and coping with change.  The second is a resource to help identify anxiety surrounding COVID 19, the recent changes and how to support those needs if they arise.       




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